Sunday, July 15, 2012

aQoeh ChaiaNK qMoeH CeLaManyaH

If you're a keen twitter user you might have noticed "aQoeh ChaiaNK qMoeH CeLaManyaH" trending today. It was in the top 10 trending topics most of the afternoon. Given my interests and the fact that I'm blogging about it, you've probably guessed that it's Indonesian.

It seems to be maintaining its position in the top 10 now purely through non-Indonesians asking what the hell it is, and Indonesians RTing them and laughing at them.

So, I said it was Indonesian but, I suppose, technically, it's Bahasa Alay (or maybe bHsheh alaYyyYYy,,.,...,..,,,,).

I was about to write an explanation of Alay culture but it looks like Wikipedia has done that for me, so I'll go straight on to the translation. Here's our starting sentence:
aQoeh ChaiaNK qMoeH CeLaManyaH

We'll try and break it down bit by bit. First, ignore all the capitals. Then replace all 'oe's with 'u's, they're using the old Dutch sound for 'u'. Then remove all the 'h's at the end of the words, they add those to sound cutesy. Then we get:
aqu chaiank qmu celamanya

Next cab off our cutesy Alay speak rank are "q"s being used to replace 'k's, 'c's or 'ch's being used to replace 's's and "nk"s at the end og words replacing "ng"s. Then you get:
aku saiang kmu selamanya

If you sound that out phonetically, you should get something pretty close to:
aku sayang kamu selamanya

Which means:
I'll love you forever


If this makes you want to puke then your reaction is the same as most Indonesians when they see anak Alay hanging around.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you so much!

ardiyaFardhan said...

Oh My god, This The real Translate in bahasa: Aku sayang kamu selamanya ,In English: I Love you Forever ,saya dari Indonesia , Thats ALAY BAHaSA

cahyoichi said...

what a cool post :D