Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Training - Week 1

The first week of Tour de Timor training went relatively well. I rode about 160km, not counting riding to and from work and basketball. Legs, delicate bits and cardiovascular system didn't have too much trouble at all; my wrists however are another matter entirely.

I rode to Manatuto on Saturday. It was 68km from our house and took 3 hours and 10 minutes (with 3 medium sized hills). My wrists felt a little numb afterwards, but I didn't realise anything was majorly wrong until I tried to chop some vegetables later that night and kept dropping the knife. At yoga yesterday I was trying to point my fingers and the little finger on my right hand was pointing off at 45 degrees. It doesn't hurt, exactly, it just feels kind of numb and won't really do what I tell it.

Curious... I suppose this is what nerve damage feels like.

I think I need some gloves...

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Graham said...

You need proper clips and bike shoes more.