Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hey America, take the hint!

I was down at the market today and tried to get rid of my stash of loose change that has been piling up since we arrived in Dili in December. I count out a dollar using a selection of Timorese coins (Timor Leste uses the US dollar as its currency, but they mint their own coins to avoid having to ship heavy coins in from overseas) and head off to buy my rice, secure in the knowledge that someone else will be lugging around all of that deadweight.

I pick the kind of rice I want and hand over my pile of coins. "Oh these are no good, we don't use these anymore" says the old lady pointing a finger at my pile of 1 centavo pieces.

So, America, if a country with a GNI per capita of under a thousand dollars can get rid of the penny, then you guys are way behind...

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ohminous_t said...

but the penny has honest abe on it, its too iconic to be rid of, and the good luck drives their economy more than Regan military expenditure ever did.