Monday, December 10, 2007

Hau hela iha Dili

Hey there,

We just arrived in Dili yesterday. Here's a quick tour of our new home:


Harvard said...

That's awesome. Can I visit, if I ever do?

ohminous_t said...

every time I go 'what's that link on my sight?' it usually coincides with a new blog post from you, which is about every 6 months. My stupid friend in Tokyo was talking about how great his apartment was, but that place is much nicer. Is the beach 5 minutes of paperwork away?

kopisusu2 said...

This looks fabulous! Nicer than Taman Rasuna, eh? And window screens -- why do you suppose they have them in E. Timor but not Indonesia? While normal people were experiencing beach envy during your video, I was dying of screen envy.

mr_john said...

Harvard: hell yeah... Please do.

Tohm: Nope, everyone seems pretty laid back so far. Shelley and I went for a walk the day after we arrived and some guy started swinging a machete around, but other than that (and some annoying little kids trying to extort money from us at the airport) perfectly safe.

Trish: I know! I love having screens... Sadly, mosquitos still manage to find their way in now and then, but very rarely.