Friday, October 20, 2006

Not for the squeamish...

Well, I went to the doctor, and now, gentle reader, I have a multiple choice question for you:

John Has:

A. Worms
B. Amoeba
C. A bacterial infection
D. All of the above.

You guessed it, it's D. Apparently there's some sort of fucking zoo living in my arse. A menagerie, if you will.

The worrying thing, is how I don't feel any different to how I've felt for the last 2 years. That, and the doctor told me that these sorts of cocktails of colonic fauna are endemic in Indonesia and the only way to truly make sure you don't catch this sort of crap is to completely segregate yourself from the masyarakat. What the hell is the point of living here if I can't share a beer with homeless schizophrenic dudes down beside Kali Ciliwung now and then?

Is bleeding from your arse the price you pay for being a man of the people?


Chad said...

There's an old folk remedy for worms you may already have heard of. Eat a cigarette. You'll get sick, but so will the worms. And as far as I know, it's not habit-forming.

mr_john said...

Yeah, I read about that in some US army survival book I read while I was in the US this year. It also told me how to make soap in the field, and how to skin a squirrel.

Useful stuff...

treespotter said...

as far as i can tell, you're doing better than others, worse than most. Brandon of Javajive told me about these things too and was hospitalized :D

maybe you should put your shirt (and pants) on.

Buckley said...

Heya John,
Havnt spoken to you for aages, but good to here you're still having fun

mr_john said...

Hey there Buckley,
Still at IH? Man, you're worse than me and Damo... Good to hear from you man, you should start one of these things too. Everyone should know about everyone's bowel functions.

Buckley said...

hahaha, i'll have a think about that one, mayby next year once i've moved out.