Sunday, February 19, 2006


Now it's morning.

Oh absinthe, why have you forsaken me?

drunken ramblings

Ah, maybe this blog thing has somethinfg to it.

I',m currently checingf my email nefore I gogt to bed as I NOW Hacwe afanchy cable internet.

Hooray fir absinthe and people who make much more than I do.

I(ndoesia is a strange place. You can lketerallty buy the sanme thing for Rp 70,000 or 5,000 depending on where you buy it. I read an article recently that rated the relative expensiveness of expat style living in various cities and Jakarta was like the 60th most expensive city to live in in the world.

Depending on how you live I can understand it though.... In Australia, the most I would ever pay for a beer would be $3, maybe $6 for a stubby if I was in bennetts or Dizzy's and felt like splashing out whereas here I relatively frequently end up in places which charge the equivalent og AUD10 for a locally made beer!

Obviously I don't stay in thjose places very long, I just stick to mooching of higly paid UN frinds.