Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ah, my maiden post

Well, I didn't intend to actually start a blog today. I actually just wanted to post a hello on Anth's blog that I heard so much about but I wasn't allowed to post anonymously... Fascists.

I would have called this "The Contractual Obligation Blog" but who wants to be associated with the Monty Python internet fanboys?

A wise and experienced blogger once gave me some valuable advice passed on to her by a similarly wise and experienced blogger... "No one likes a meta-blog".

So, yeah...



davidonprayer said...

Hi, I like your blog you've got going here. Don't know if you are Catholic or not, but I found this amazing list of catholic saints
the other day, if you want to be boggled by all of the thousands of names for saints.

Anth said...

catholic spam!?...See this is the sort of stuff you get when you don't put some sort of authorisation on your blog!!

Your blog is lovely john, I appreciate the effort! I replied to your comment and am no longer running such a fascist comment regime.